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package com.swift;

public class Phone {

    private String pinpai;
    private int dianliang;

    public String getPinpai() {
        return pinpai;
    public void setPinpai(String pinpai) {
        this.pinpai = pinpai;
    public int getDianliang() {
        return dianliang;
    public void setDianliang(int dianliang) {
        this.dianliang = dianliang;

    public void checkPower() {
        if(this.getDianliang()<20) {

I don’t know it before,my boy take his cell phone to school! It’s
unbelievable, our school didn’t permit students take their phone there.

1,I miss you,Mom!


In this lesson, you will learn to call a family member.



  When I saw his moments, a bed photo just there!


How often do you call your parents?

What do you usually talk about on the phone?

health, study/work,people I met, things I did

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package com.swift;
class Test{
    public static void main(String[] args) {
         *A)    创建1个Phone对象,属性赋值为:品牌:“iPhone”,电量:“15”。
         *B)    创建完成后用这个对象调用checkPower()方法。
        Phone phone=new Phone();

  My first thought was”Wow god! He took his phone! Can I talk to him
everynight? May I ask him that why he have the phone? “But I suddenly
notice that, he never talk to me or reply me in weekdays.Maybe, I guess,
he just want to send message to someone he care about, not me, a serious
common girl.I used to loving him like my life, but now, I get hurt
again.(again and again…)

New words and expressions 

Matching game:

good to know; grade;as usual; as busy as a bee; speaker;

A.It’s good to know that you’re having a great time on your vacation,

B.Anna got a high grade on her last exam.

C.Only a week after the fire in store, it was business as usual.

D.You have to wait for a moment,I am as busy as a bee now.

E.Mom, can you put me on speaker so I can also talk to Dad?



  Congratulations! x, you will ger rid of me soon! Are you happy so?

Speaking naturally

1,Conversation setting


Jill and her mom


On the phone

Talking about:

Jill’s new life in New York

Let’s see how everything is going with Jill’s family.

2.Conversation and activity

     Jill:  Hi,Mom!How is everything going?I miss you so much.

Mom:  Hi,dear.I miss you ,too. Everything here is great

.How about you?

   Jill: I’m doing great.

Mom:That’s good to know.I hope you’re enjoying your new life in New

Jill: It’s great here,Mom.I have made some new friends here.

Mom:Great! How is your school life?

Jill:Oh,it couldn’t be better.I enjoy studying here.I’m also getting
good grades.

Mom:You were always a good student.

Jill:How is Dad? Is he still busy as usual ?

Mom:Totally.He’s as busy as a bee, but he said it’s fine.

Jill:Tell dad to take care of himself.

Mom:Your dad is here now.He wants to talk to you.

Jill: OK.Mom,you can put me on speaker.



Speak out:

Word tips: miss someone a lot; as usual; study/work; as busy as a bee;
take care of oneself


貌似真的唯有二个Live Tile 的变化

Phone类中隐含以下内容。I’m not alone here 


In this lesson, you will learn to call a friend.


How often do you call a friend?

What do you usually talk about on the phone?

Words and phrases you may want to use:

study/work;people I met;things I did; places I went to

New words and expressions

mobile phone; dormitory; international; hang out; is about to;

Let’s go through the sentences. Pay attention to the words in red.

1.My father bought me a new mobile phone as a birthday present.

2.I like my dormitory a lot.It’s like my second home.

3.My uncle  does international trade with Germany and Australia.

4.Jessica usually hangs out with her best friends on weekends.

5.William is about to be late for the plane.

Speaking naturally

1.Conversation setting


Kelly(an overseas student in the U.K.) and Bella (Kelly’s friend back in
the U.S.)


On the phone

Talking about:

Kelly’s new life in the U.K.

Let’s have a look at Kelly’s new life in the U.K.

Speaking naturally

2.Conversation and activity

Hello.Bella. This is Kelly.

Hey,Kelly! Is this your new number?

No,I’m using a pay phone because I left my mobile phone in the

Are there many pay phones in the U.K.? I always see people in the U.K.
using pay phones on TV.

Yes. Recently more people are using mobile phones.It’s cheaper to use
mobile phones to make international calls.

I see. How’s life in the U.K.?Have you made new friends?

Yes. My roommate is very friendly and we’ve become friends.We always
hang out together, so now I don’t feel alone.

That’s good to know.Kelly,I’m sorry but class is about to start.I’ll
talk to you later.

OK.See you.


keep in touch;QQ/WeChat/mobile phone/Skype;cheaper/easier to
use;sometimes/from time to time

dormitory; international; mobile phone;hang out;is about to;


Tell mom I love her


In this lesson, you will learn to leave a message for someone who is not


What would you do when someone didn’t answer your phone?

Words and phrases you may want to use:

call him/her later

send a text message 

leave a voice message;

New words and expressions

amazing; for a second ;upstairs; leave  a message ;call back;

a.Last night, we watched an amazing magic show;

b.I need to talk to you for a second.

c.The happy young couple are carrying boxes upstairs.

d.I missed Tim’s phone call today, but he left a message for  me.

e. Mom, I have to go,I’ll call back soon.Bye!

Speaking naturally(Conversation setting)


Anna and her dad


On the phone

Talking about:

Anna’s new job and her mom’s new book

Let’s see what Anna has told her dad on the phone.

Speaking naturally(Conversation and activity)

A:Hi,Dadd.This is Anna.Sorry, I’m calling late, but I’ve been very busy
with work lately.

D:It’s all right, honey. I’m glad you called.How is everything there,
besides being busy?

A:Well, I’m busy but happy.Everything is amazing. I’ve met quite a lot
of nice people here in the new company.

D:That’s good to know, honey.

A: How about you and Mom? Is everything great there?

D:Well, your mom is busy with her new book.I am great, too.

A:Can I talk to her for a second?

D:Wait a moment.I’ll go upstairs and call her

(One minute later)

D:Hi, Anny. Your mom fell asleep. She’s really tired these days.Do you
need to leave a message?

A:That’s all right. Just tell her I called and I love her.

D:Sure.You can call back earlier tomorrow evening. I can tell her to
wait for you.


You have a missed call


In this less, you will learn to call someone back.


Do you sometimes have missed calls?

New words and expressions

presentation, missed call, business trip, voice message, arrangement;

Let’s go through the sentences.Pay attention to the words in red.

a.Tony is giving a presentation to the company’s sales department.

b. I have a missed call on my phone, but I  don’t know who it’s from.

c. Mr. Clark is going to the airport for another business trip.

d. Tracy left her phone at home, so she had a lot of voice messages when
she came home.

e. My secretary is checking today’s arrangements for me.

Speaking naturally


Tom(the general manager of a company) and Julia(Tom’s secretary)


I the office

Talking about:

Tom’s missed call today

Conversation and activity

J: Hi,Tom.How was the meeting?

T: It was good. There were some interesting presentations.

J: That’s good to hear.By the way, you have a missed call.

T: Who is it from?

J: It’s from Mr. Clark.

T: Oh,that’s right. He wanted to talk about the business trip we’re
going to take next week.

J: Yes, he left you a voice message. He wanted to know about the
arrangements of the business trip.

T: Thank you, Julia.I’ll call him back when I have time.

J: My pleasure. Tell me If there is anything I can do to help.

Speak out

on a business trip; leave a voice message/send a text message/call back;
the arrangements of; meeting/presentation;


presentation,arrangement,missed call, business trip, voice message;

You have missed call (from …)

…left you a voice message.

= 1 , 2 3 4 


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